Established in 2020. We offer mentorship on how to trade the financial markets with a specialised focus on Nas100, US30, Gold and Volatility indexes. 

We offer online PDF mentorship in all of our FX trading groups. Our private telegram groups offer real-time support for our clients to ask questions, share trading ideas and most importantly to be guided by us through their personal trades.

We offer trading systems. This is ideal for the trader who does not have time to catch our market direction and instead would like to trade on their own schedule profitably and consistently.

If you are new to forex, we highly recommend that you start with the beginner to advanced forex webinar course or 1 on 1 - 3 day Private FX Zoom course which will both provide you with the necessary foundation you will need as a trader to confidently face the financial markets. In the course we also share various backtested strategies and our very own powerful trading strategy you can apply on any chart you are analysing. After completion of the forex course, your journey to financial freedom will be in full swing as by then you will have the required skills and tools to earn yourself a passive income through trading and generating your own signals. 




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Email - Fxcwsa@gmail.com

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Office hours: 08:00-17:00 (Monday-Friday)